Do we do city or well water?
We specialize in both city and well water.

Residential or commercial?
Yes, we install Residential or commercial.

Who calls to set up monthly or yearly service?
We will always contact the customer so you don’t have to think about it.

What method of payment?
Cash, check, all credit cards, and financing.

Is there a 24 hour emergency service?

Do all systems come with warranties?
Yes every unit has a minimum of a 5 year limited replacement warranty.

Salt based softner vs salt free system?
You will always have to have a salt based system because of the ion exchange process. In the water is inorganic minerals which are all negatively charged ions. With a water softener the resin beads bind to the sodium to create a positively charged ion. The negative than positive bin to each other preventing the impurities from ever coming through. Once these resin beads are used up the softwar will go into a regeneration Called ion exchange. With a salt free system which is actually called a scale prep all that does is coat calcium preventing it from ever sticking to the side of your pipes once it gets to the end of your Faucet or tap it will re-oxidize back to its natural form causing the in organic minerals to still come through they are a scam and every company that sells a salt free system still sells a soul face and if you found a way to be able to not use sodium why would you still sell both.

Don’t I need the minerals in water?
The answer is NO! The minerals in water are called inorganic minerals, which means they are not the same as organic minerals which is found in red meat, fruit vegetable, milk ect. So inorganic mineral have not gone through the process of photosynthesis and absorb the carbon cycle which changes it to a organic mineral.. if it’s not organic then the inorganic minerals can not be used as a source of nutrients in our cell wall like organic mineral. But, this mineral has to go somewhere, so it gets deposited elsewhere in our bodies. Water has a job it’s to regulate body temperature, moistness tissue in the eyes, nose and mouth, protects body and organs and tissues, carries oxygen and nutrients to cells, lubricates joints, and lessens burden on the kidneys and liver by flush out waste products. So gettting minerals is the role of food not water.

I am worried about the softner putting salt into my water?
There is more sodium on a single slice of bread than what we will put into your water in a two week period. The city already adds sodium into your water to preserve the chemicals. With the reverse osmosis at you sink there main job is to remove sodium.

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